Work Less and Save More!

Gator Base is a revolutionary way to save yourself time, work and money when installing concrete pavers, natural stones or porcelain tiles. You’ll work less and save more when you choose Gator Base.

With Gator Base, you can complete your project 20% faster! Gator Base offers more convenience, greater savings and you’ll get your project completed much more quickly.

There are numerous benefits to choosing the Gator Base system for your outdoor project:

  • Easy to use, install and transport, you’ll save yourself labour, time, cleanup and best of all, money!
  • Perfect for small, tight or difficult to access areas
  • Better frost and thaw protection than the conventional 10-inch base of crushed stone
  • Reduced cleanup and property damage
  • Complete your project minimum 20% faster than when using traditional methods
  • Installation couldn’t be easier – Forget about digging down 10-inches, removing that material and replacing it with crushed stone. Gator Base saves you all that work. Less digging also means less property destruction throughout the installation phase.
  • Ideal for small and large projects – The Gator Base system is ideal for a variety of small and large projects, including large format pavers & slabs. Have a difficult area to access? Gator Base is perfect on hills, stairs, narrow alleys, tight workspaces and projects with limited access.
  • Better load transfer – Gator Base’s interlocking panels offer better load transfer, widely distributing all loads and practically eliminating any pressure on the ground below. You’ll also experience a decreased chance of paver movement. Lateral movement of pavers is prevented by edge restraints that are directly fastened to the Gator Base, using Gator Base Screws.
  • Built to last forever – Gator Base is constructed of extremely durable engineered material. It will not degrade in the ground and is 100% recyclable.

Gator Base makes it easy, economical and fast!

Get more convenience, greater savings and less work.