Work Less and Save More!

Gator Base is the latest innovation in base technology, saving you work, time, money and delivering more benefits than traditional methods when installing porcelain tiles, natural stones or concrete pavers.

Versatile and built to last a lifetime, Gator Base delivers unmatched performance while reducing your costs and eliminating labour.

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    • Simple Installation – It couldn’t be easier! Forget about digging down 6-inches, removing that material and filling with crushed stone. Gator Base eliminates all that work, helping you get the job done 30% faster.
    • Economical – Gator Base will help you save on the expense of stone, disposal and labour. When the job is faster and easier, you save money!
    • Tight Spots? – Gator Base is suitable for projects big and small. Have a difficult to access area? Gator Base is perfect on hills, stairs, narrow alleys, tight workspaces and projects with limited access.
    • Worried About Shifting? – Gator Base panels have high thermal resistance, delivering better frost protection than conventional methods.
    • Less Property Damage – You’ll experience less property destruction throughout the installation phase and reduce your cleanup too.
    • Wide Load Distribution – Gator Base’s interlocking panels widely distribute all loads, essentially eliminating any pressure on the ground underneath.
    • Durability – Built to last forever, Gator Base is constructed of extremely durable engineered material. It will not degrade in the ground and is 100% recyclable.

    Gator Base makes it easy, economical and fast!

    Get more convenience, greater savings and less work. Contact us now to learn more about the advantages of choosing Gator Base.